Permaculture Roundtable: Education And Training For Permaculture Professionals

Cormac Harkin chats with Sarah Spencer, Brandon Moncrief and Sean Jennings about Education and Training For Permaculture Professionals


Sarah Spencer:



The Think like a Forest regenerative organisation fundamentals programme is a transformational programme for any organisation, leader or coach wanting to know how to transition to regenerative, nature-inspired ways of working. The 2023 cohort deadline for signup is 13th October


Think like a Forest: Regenerative Organisation FUNDAMENTALS



Sean Jennings:




Brandon Moncrief:

GYGO stands for Grow Your Grass Off! We inspire and support you in your food growing journey, and then connect you into The GYGO Network to explore the concepts that you are most passionate about. Join our incredible, expert instructors Greg Knibbs and Dave Spicer as they take you on a journey to experiencing your food growing project in a NEW way! Our Masterclass Series is going to be a 5- week course that looks at your property in depth through the lens of mainframe permaculture design! The course topics included each week will give you the needed information to know what to consider when BUYING a new property AND how to adapt your current site so that it is MORE efficient and productive. End result = less work and more food! Go to to learn more and to enrol in this great opportunity! The early bird discount ends on October 16th, so be sure to take advantage 🙂 Please click here ( to get our latest updates for October.


PDC to Professional Course Information

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